Buy Texas Hemp bulk Biomass, Crude, Oils, and Isolates

Wholesale hemp sourced directly from Texas producers. 

BUY TEXAS HEMP is a project of Texas Hemp Growers, an association of hemp farmers and processors in the Lone Star State.

BUY TEXAS HEMP is a campaign to connect wholesale buyers with Texas hemp farmers and processors.

If you are interested in sourcing hemp materials from Texas in 2020 and 2021 at competitive prices, please complete the form.

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What is Texas Hemp Growers?

Texas Hemp Growers is the fastest-growing association of prospective hemp farmers and processors in Texas. Closing in on 100 members in just over three months, Texas Hemp Growers has been traveling the great state of Texas teaching sold-out Hemp Master classes to farmers–priming them to produce quality hemp. 

With Texas expected to open hemp licenses in the months ahead, we want to help our members establish endpoints for their biomass and processed oils. Because we maintain a direct path to the producer, buyers can expect a better price than working through a chain of brokers.


BUY TEXAS HEMP is a project of Texas Hemp Growers. To learn more about THG, click here.